Alldogs Offroad 4.08 Ring and Pinion for Nissan M226 Rear Differential

Manufacturer: Alldogs Offroad Coop
SKU: ADO-RP-M226-4.08

Alldogs Offroad 4.08 gears for the Nissan M226 rear diff!   

When changing the tire size on your vehicle you may notice that there is a little more sluggishness at acceleration or that your vehicle is gear hunting when using cruise control on the highway or climbing a hill.  The change in tire size has negatively affected your vehicle's final drive ratios.  Regearing your differentials is a means for correcting your final drive ratios.  

The Nissan M226 rear differential is a Dana Super 44 variant and can be found in Pro4x models of the 2nd gen Nissan Frontier, 2nd gen Pro4x / Offroad model Nissan Xterra, and all Nissan Titans.  

4.08 is the ideal ratio for 2nd generation Nissan Frontiers and 2nd generation Xterras with automatic transmissions which have been fitted with approximately 35" tires.  It also is a great ratio for Nissan Titans which have been fitted with 37" tires.  This ratio is also a great match for 2nd Gen Frontiers and Xterras with 33" tires and a manual transmission.


  • For use with 24 spline yoke
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