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Old Man Emu / Dobinsons Spring Cross Reference Chart

Hey Guys!  Here's a helpful crossreference we compiled to help you find the right OME or Dobinsons springs for your rig.  


Position Type OME Dobinsons Application Load Rating Static Load Increase
Front Coil 2607 C45-256 D40 Frontier / Xterra / R51 Pathfinder Medium Load +110 lbs
Front Coil 2608 C45-254 D40 Frontier / Xterra / R51 Pathfinder Heavy Load +220 lbs
Front Coil 2880 C59-276 3rd Gen 4Runner / 1st Gen Tacoma Medium Load +110 lbs
Front Coil 2881 C59-134 3rd Gen 4Runner / 1st Gen Tacoma Heavy Load +220 lbs 
Front Coil 2884 C59-300 150 Series / 120 Series   Light Load +0 lbs
Front Coil 2885 C59-302 150 Series / 120 Series / 2nd Gen Tacoma Medium Load +110 lbs 
Front Coil 2886 C59-314 150 Series / 120 Series / 2nd Gen Tacoma Heavy Load +220 lbs 
Front Coil 2887 C59-448 3rd Gen Tacoma Medium Load +110 lbs
Front Coil 2888 C59-352 3rd Gen Tacoma  Heavy Load +220 lbs 
Front Coil 2914 C43-124 3rd Gen Montero Medium Load +0 lbs
Front Coil 2915 C43-126 3rd Gen Montero Heavy Load +220 lbs
Rear Coil 2609 C45-255 R51 Pathfinder Medium Load +440 lbs
Rear Coil 2610 C45-257 R51 Pathfinder Heavy Load  +660 lbs 
Rear Coil 2889 C59-325 150 Series Light Load +0 lbs 
Rear Coil 2895 C59-325 150 Series / 120 Series Light Load +0 lbs
Rear Coil 2895E C59-325 150 Series / 120 Series Light Load  +0 lbs
Rear Coil 2896 C59-327 120 Series Medium Load  +330 lbs
Rear Coil 2897 C59-329 120 Series Heavy Load +660 lbs
Rear Coil 2898 C59-327 150 Series  Medium / Heavy Load +440 lbs
Rear Coil 2899 C59-329 150 Series  Heavy Load +880 lbs
Rear Coil    C59-331 150 Series / 120 Series Super Heavy Load +1,100 lbs
Rear Coil 2917 C43-125 3rd Gen Montero Light / Medium Load +220 lbs
Rear Coil 2918 C43-193 3rd Gen Montero Heavy Load +400 lbs
Rear Coil   C43-195 3rd Gen Montero Super Heavy Load +550 lbs
Rear Leaf CS150R L45-002-R D40 Frontier Medium Load +150 lbs
Rear Leaf   L45-003-R D40 Frontier Heavy Load +550 lbs
Rear Leaf   CS151R L45-004-R D40 Frontier Super Heavy Load +830 lbs
Rear Leaf CS061R L45-8192-R 2nd Gen Xterra Medium Load +400 lbs
Rear Leaf EL095R L59-110-R 2nd & 3rd Gen Tacoma Medium Load +220 lbs
Rear Leaf EL096R L59-111-R 2nd & 3rd Gen Tacoma Heavy Load +615 lbs
Rear Leaf   L59-112-R 2nd & 3rd Gen Tacoma Super Heavy Load +1,200 lbs


Last updated on 7/20/19!

We're halfway there!

Hi Friends! 

We're about halfway through 2019 and we're posting up to give you a quick status update.  A lot has happened since December and we're really excited to share with you! 

So far, we're smashing through our annual goals (and adding new ones!):

  • We've picked up an awesome building located at 2621 West M Ct, Lincoln, NE!  We're hoping to open the walk-in counter to the public in late July / early August.  More details to follow in the near future!
  • We're trimming costs!  We're transitioning from fulfilling your awesome orders with a distributor to purchasing inventory directly from manufacturers and handling fulfillment ourselves.  We've got a shipment of SPC adjustable upper control arms on the way and we're working on an order with ARB / Old Man Emu.  We're also working on an order with Radflo.  We're really excited to be handling inventory for you guys and having parts immediately available for locals! 
  • Some of you may have heard that we're bringing some new 2" lift leaf packs to market.  You've heard right!  We've got leaf springs in the pipeline for 2nd & 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma, 2nd Gen Nissan Frontier, and 2nd Gen Nissan Xterra.  Prototypes have been testing out in the wild for about a month and feedback has been great!  We'll also be bringing some add-a-leaf kits to market for guys and gals that don't need a full replacements!  They'll be added to site as soon as they're ready to ship.  Other cool parts coming as well, we'll annouce more details after prototyping!
  • We'll be adding a new employee to the roster soon and we'll be better equipped to interact with you guys on Facebook, Instagram, and forums!  Once we find this new friend, we hope you'll join us in welcoming them!

That's it for now!  We're trucking along and starting to think about 2020.  We'll post up our 2020 roadmap sometime in Q3 for your reading pleasure.  Until then; stay groovy, stay cool!  

2018 Beginnings, 2019 Goals

Fellow Adventurers!

Welcome back, we hope you're doing well!  We really love it when you stop by.  Today we'll be giving a summary of where we currently are as an organization and where we will be headed in 2019.  We have a number of exciting goals we hope to meet which will strengthen the cooperative and position us to serve you guys better!  

We've been quite busy in 2018, beginning with founding the cooperative this fall!  We've been busy bees working on launching a great website, creating understandable bylaws, identifying awesome manufacturers and products, and establishing relationships with several amazing companies and service providers.  We've sliced, diced, chopped, mixed, blended, hammered, wrenched, welded, and here we are!  We're fully functional and slinging orders, helping you and your furry friends find your adventures.  

Believe us, we won't be slacking in 2019.  There's still so much to do!  Look at this to-do list!


Personnel Growth

We're committed to providing great service to our members and as we grow it'll be important for us to find and keep some awesome employees.  They're mythical creatures, like unicorns, fairies, talking mice, or sasquatch.  We want them, we want to feed them and water them and pet them and hug them and tell them we love them!  We want to treat them like human beings and tend to their growth and greater wellbeing, and we will.  We're creating a culture and workspace to be envied, life is too short for anything less.  

Reduce Inventory Cost

We're currently working with a distributing company to bring you guys some great aftermarket parts.  This is good because we can make available a number of manufacturers and items that we otherwise wouldn't be able to if we had to put our eggs in one basket with a single manufacturer.  However, working with a distributor comes at the penalty of increased cost.  Increased cost directly impacts the dividend we're able to offer our members.  As we're able, we will be making direct connections to manufacturers in order to reduce inventory costs and expand product offerings.  

Introduce Member Toolset

One of our goals is to merge the cooperative concept with 21st century technology.  We will be working on expanding our website (and eventually a mobile app) to enable interactive member participation in the governance of the cooperative!  We want to hear your voice and we want to create a platform where it will be heard.  Also, wherever possible, we want to eliminate paper mailing for digital substitutions because we love trees.  

Establish Storefront / Warehouse

We're currently operating as transient vagabonds with no physical location.  While we considered maintaining this model through the use of third party logistics companies for warehousing/fulfillment and using coworking office spaces, we felt that this may result in higher overhead costs and reduced member satisfaction.  In 2019 we hope to lease a space in Lincoln, NE where you can come visit and show off your toys.  Pet friendly, of course! 

Increased Social Media Presence

Social media is crazy cool.  We love Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter.  We also love that it it can bring amazing communities together.  We have accounts set up, but our GM isn't the most savvy at social media.  It must be all those gray hairs!  Speculation aside, we want to hit these channels and be more engaged with you.  We want to revel in photos, videos, hashtags, and dank memes with you!  


Holy cow, we have a lot to do.  We hope you're as excited as we are to see this cooperative grow and transform.  In any respect, we appreciate you.  Thanks for reading.  Have a good one!


Why a Cooperative?

Hey guys and gals!

When we began this journey we had to decide how we should organize as a company. Most commonly, a business would organize as a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), or a corporation. There are many factors to consider when looking at each type of organization - ownership, governance, taxation, and profits. For instance, in a sole proprietorship, one person owns the business, governs the business, has specific tax considerations, and is enriched when the business profits. A partnership is similar to a sole proprietorship, but several individuals organize as partners. A corporation, on the other hand, is owned by shareholders, is typically governed by a board or individuals with a majority of shares, has specific tax considerations, and shareholders are enriched relative to the number of shares held when the company profits. A LLC gives more leeway than a corporation, and in simplest terms can be considered a hybrid of a partnership and corporation.

Conceptually, a business is organized to offer products or services to consumers at margins sufficient to sustain itself and positively benefit ownership. In the above described organizations, we feel that there are inherent conflicts relating not only to ownership vs consumer, but also ownership vs employee. The described organizations have incentive to offer lower cost and lower quality products in order to maximize profit. They also have incentive to keep employee wages and benefits to minimums in order to maximize profit. This can lead to unhappy consumers and unhappy employees. In practice, it's necessary to find balance between these counteracting forces and many organizations do so to varying degrees.

We organized as a cooperative as we feel that this type of organization modifies the relationship between owner, consumer, and employee to a degree which aligns better with our core values. A cooperative passes the benefits of ownership, governance and profits to its members in a fair and democratic process. Membership is offered to consumers at a low price, and these membership fees crowdsource the equity the organization needs to invest in itself and grow. Members elect individuals to a cooperative board which governs the organization. Members also receive an annual dividend relative to the amount of business each member has done with the cooperative, less operating expenses. Finally, the relationship between the organization, member, and employee is mutually beneficial. The cooperative is able to offer better than status-quo wages and benefits to employees, employees have incentive to best serve members and the organization, and members receive a higher level of service and satisfaction than alternative organizations can provide.

We hope this explanation helps! It certainly isn't exhaustive but it should give a general idea of what we are and what we believe in.