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Tech - Titanswap on 2020-Present Nissan Frontier

Titanswapping the 2020+ Nissan Frontier

Recently we Titanswapped Chad's 2022 Nissan Frontier Pro-4x.  It was a very exciting process but also was a little challenging as we encountered some expected and unexpected changes which we are documenting here for you.

Prior to the swap, Chad was running an ADO Koni Complete Kit with a 2" lift.  Before beginning the swap process we pulled one of the CV's to count splines.  Beginning in 2020 it appears Nissan changed the inner CV spline count where the CV mates to the R180 front differential.  The change is from 27-spline for 2005-2019 models to 30-spline for 2020-present models.  There is an off-the-shelf 30-spline CV that can be sourced, similar to the 27-spline CV a user would use on the 05-19 models.  Trakmotive part# NI8574 on Rockauto is the 30-spline CV that we used on our swap.

We also noted in our first of two attempts at the swap that the thread pitch and diameter of the inner tie rod has changed at both ends.  On 2005-2019 models it is M16-1.5 where the inner tie rod mates to the outer tie rod.  On 2020+ models it is M14-1.5 where the inner mates to the outer.  We sourced an inner tie rod with the correct length and thread pitch at both ends but I'm not sure we would recommend it for use as it appears weaker than the OE Frontier tie rod.  We are currently working on heavy-duty 3" tie rod extensions for the new models which will be released in the near future.

Other than this, almost everything remains the same!  Thanks for coming to our Ted Talk!  We also have a video on our youtube channel about Titanswapping the 2022 Frontier, check it out here!

We will have kits listed for the 2020+ Frontier in the near future, stay tuned here!