Alldogs Offroad RCKilla Coil Spring & AAL Lift Kit for 2nd Gen Nissan Frontier

Note: OME 2607 coil springs are backordered until 8/27. We can take backorders or substitute the Dobinsons C45-256 in teal.
Manufacturer: Alldogs Offroad Coop

Hey guys, this kit is the supreme ANTI-SPACER!  If you're considering a budget spacer lift kit but want something functional that will actually offroad, buy this kit.  It includes 2" lift front coil springs and 1.5" lift rear add-a-leafs w/ grade 8 ubolts.  This kit is perfect if your shocks are still in mint condition.  


  • OME 2607 Coil Springs, Pair
  • Alldogs Offroad 6Pack Add-a-leaf kit


  • 2005-2019 Nissan Frontier


  • Friends don't let friends run spacers. 
  • Say no to spacers, say yes to springs.
Products specifications
Fitment Nissan D40 2nd Gen Frontier (2005-2019)
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Note: these are currently on backorder with an estimated 2 month lead time. We're currently working on options to improve this lead time. Contact us if you have any questions!