Projects: ADO Forged Steel Upper Control Arms

Guys, you've been looking at lift kits. Everybody is telling you that in order to run the lift you want to run you'll need aftermarket upper control arms: "Your caster is going to be whack". So, you hit your favorite forums, Facebook groups, and subreddits to find the recommended brands. You get some info and hit your favorite retailer. You see the price... W.H.A.T.?!

Here's the thing - quality aftermarket upper control arms are expensive. Really expensive. They range from $500 to $800 to the end user and in most cases they're required if you're running more than 2" of lift on a vehicle with independent front suspension. We're here to tell you it doesn't have to be this way.

We can bring you upper control arms which correct for lift. We can do this for almost half the cost. We can do this leveraging American manufacturing and North-American raw materials. We've been in the automotive aftermarket industry for a decade. We can do it all. Well... almost all. What we can't do? Tooling costs.

Sound like something you'd be interested in?  Check out our Ingiegogo crowdfunding campaign!  We're crowdfunding in order to overcome the steep tooling costs required to produce closed-die forgings.  Link HERE for more info:

If we can hit our goal before the close of the campaign we will be having UCA's manufactured for the following applications:

To help make this project a reality we've applied for and been awarded a grant from the State of Nebraska.  We're really excited for this project.  Help us get the word out there and help us make this project a reality!

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