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Alldogs Offroad Driveshaft Flange Yoke Adapter for Y62 Nissan Armada / Infiniti QX

Manufacturer: Alldogs Offroad Coop

The Y62 2017-2021 Nissan Armada and Z62 2011-2023 Infiniti QX56 / QX80 equipped with the 7 speed transmission are geared at 2.93 ratio from the factory.  The front and rear differentials from a tow package 1st gen Armada (2003-2015) are geared at 3.36 ratio.  If you're lifting your Y62 and running larger tires or doing a lot of towing / hauling and notice your transmission gear-hunting, changing ratios to 3.36 is an excellent upgrade.  With this adapter the front and rear diffs from a 1st gen Armada are a direct bolt-in and result in replacing the weaker R180A front differential with the stronger M205 front differential.  They're commonly available in junk yards and pick-and-pulls.

Components required for this upgrade on your vehicle -

  • M205 Front Differential from 1st Gen Armada or 1st Gen Titan in 3.36 Ratio (3-Rib M205 recommended)
  • R230 Rear Differential from 1st Gen Armada in 3.36 Ratio
  • Front Driveshaft from 1st Gen Armada or 1st Gen Titan
  • M205 Front CV's from a 1st Gen Armada or 1st Gen Titan
  • ADO Driveshaft Yoke Flange Adapter

Please check out our Alldogs Offroad Youtube channel to see this upgrade performed on our shop Z62 2012 Infiniti QX56.


  • This adapter will not work with vehicles equipped with the 9 speed transmission (2022+ Nissan Armada)
  • It is recommended to replace your front driveshaft ujoints at time of install; sealed Spicer 1310 ujoints are suggested


Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Fitment Nissan Y62 2nd Gen Armada (2017-2023)