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ARB 10900041 Bluetooth Remote Fridge Monitor

Manufacturer: ARB USA
SKU: ARB-10900041

ARB Fridge Remote Monitor allows you to monitor the operating condition of your ARB Fridge/Freezer from the drivers seat. This monitor will ensure your food and drinks stay cold. This Monitor utilizes wireless transmitting technology to display operating conditions such as internal fridge temperature, supply voltage and compressor status of your ARB Fridge/Freezer.  It uses the ARB Fridge Connect app on your smartphone and communicates via bluetooth.  

Granting users full control of the Series II Fridge Freezer via mobile devices, the ARB Fridge Freezer app can turn the fridge on and off, as well as manually adjust (or set via presets) the target temperature and display the target temperature, power input voltage, and fridge compressor status.

Important Notes:

  • The ARB Remote Fridge monitor can only be used on compatible ARB Fridge Freezers manufactured after mid-2014
  • ARB Fridge Freezers manufactured after the serial number break point listed below are compatible:
  • SERIAL BREAK POINT: 11002950, 11015054, 11007840, 11003255


  • ARB-10800352 - 37 Qt Fridge Freezer
  • ARB-10800472 - 50 Qt Fridge Freezer
  • ARB-10800602 - 63 Qt Fridge Freezer
  • ARB-10800782 - 82 Qt Fridge Freezer