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Alldogs Offroad 3.692 Ring and Pinion for Nissan M226 Rear Differential

Manufacturer: Alldogs Offroad Coop
SKU: ADO-RP-M226-3.692

Alldogs Offroad 3.692 gears for the Nissan M226 rear diff!   

When changing the tire size on your vehicle you may notice that there is a little more sluggishness at acceleration or that your vehicle is gear hunting when using cruise control on the highway or climbing a hill.  The change in tire size has negatively affected your vehicle's final drive ratios.  Regearing your differentials is a means for correcting your final drive ratios.  

The Nissan M226 rear differential is a Dana Super 44 variant and can be found in Pro4x models of the 2nd gen Nissan Frontier, 2nd gen Pro4x / Offroad model Nissan Xterra, and all Nissan Titans.  

3.692 is the ideal ratio for 2nd generation Nissan Frontiers and 2nd generation Xterras with automatic transmissions which have been fitted with a 33"-34" tire like the popular 285/75r16.  It also is a great ratio for Nissan Titans which have been fitted with 35" tires.  


  • For use with 24 spline yoke