Dometic CC-40-ACDC Portable Fridge / Freezer, 33qt

Manufacturer: Dometic USA

Dometic cc-40 portable Electric refrigerator/freezer uses a light-weight compressor for easy portability. This unit weighs less than 25 lbs. Great for adding refrigerator or freezer space to any RV, car, truck, or boat. Never use bagged ice again and is great for camping, tailgating, road trips or picnics. Operates on 120-volt AC, 12-volt DC or 24-volt DC, so it moves seamlessly from home to vehicle. Electronic thermostat with LED digital temperature display and space-saving folding carry handles. Sturdy handles with hook that can be used as an anchor point to keep the box in position. Battery protection system can be set on high, med, or low level that will cut off fridge when battery voltage drops to pre-set value. Energy-efficient LED interior light. AC and DC power cords included. Set temperature from 3.2 degree to 50 degree ( -16 degree to 10 degree).


  • 55 Can/38l Capacity, refrigerate to 4°, single zone cooling compartment
  • Dimensions: 17.5" H x 23" W x 14.4" D
  • Refrigerate food and drink to 4°F.
  • AC to DC power for convenient use at home or on the go!
  • Lightweight and durable polymer construction is ideal for portable use.
  • Increased storage capacity in the same amount of space, compared to cooling with ice.
  • Dynamic Battery Protection System automatically shuts the product off to prevent a dead car starter battery and improves car battery performance.