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Koni 90 Series Raid 3rd Gen Mitsubishi Montero Suspension Kit

Manufacturer: Koni

Koni Raid shock absorbers, now in the USA!  

Looking for one of the heaviest duty shocks out there?  With many years experience in shock absorber design and manufacturing, KONI - the leader in Heavy Duty shocks for buses, trucks, trailers, military applications, and railway - decided to combine its high level of technology and its 4x4 market knowledge to create a new range of offroad shocks dedicated to extreme overlanding and offroading - the RAID 90 Series.  RAID 90 Series shocks feature 40% more oil volume than their 82 Series Heavy Track shocks and are significantly more resistant to overheating / shock fade.  The shock bodies are manufactured from heavier gauge steel and are more resistant to dents and dings.  They also feature progressive internal hydraulic rebound stop valves and bump stops.

Adjustable 4 x 4 shocks, so versatile

Koni 90 Series RAID  shock absorbers are the heaviest-duty shocks you can get your hands on.  They've been proven worldwide in the most extreme operating conditions.  Like the 82 Series, they feature a rebound-adjustable twin-tube design and they're built for durability and longevity.  Koni shocks are superior in quality and performance to competing products and this is evident in the robust construction and materials used in manufacture.


  • Optimum handling, road holding and grip
  • Adjustable rebound forces for all on and offroad conditions
  • Specially developed, high quality materials for maximum performance
  • Better driving characteristics
  • Rugged construction
  • Long lifespan


  • 2001-2006 Mitsubishi Montero
Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Fitment Mitsubishi 3rd Gen Montero (2001-2006)
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