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Vs 5100s
Been running these for about a week and a half now, after running Bilstein 5100s for 30k miles and stock for 1500 miles. I've got a CC LWB truck with ARB bumper, winch, and a popup camper, so loaded up it's about 6000lbs. Running heavy front coils with the 1/2" lift spacer and spc control arms, for about 2.5" lift. In the rear I'm running BrOverlander leafs for about 1.5-2" of lift. Lift heights are pretty much unchanged, within about an 1/8" compared to the 5100s, within margin of error for my measuring methods.

I've done about 300 miles of driving with 150 miles of hitting every condition I could find to test them out. Compared to the 5100s I have a bit more body roll, especially in tight hair pin turns. There is also a hair more front end dive on braking, but not nearly as much as stock. On everything else, from rough pavement at any speed, to graded or washboarded gravel, pot holed or rock strewn gravel, rail road track crossings, and even on small bumps like bridge expansion joints the Raid 90s are a better ride. They are harder to bottom out too. The 5100s do offer a bit more control in the corners, but I'm not sure its worth the notably worse ride off pavement. Even for someone like me who likes winding roads like Tail of the Dragon. A rear sway bar would probably help with the body roll, so I think these shocks will be great on 3rd gen trucks with the swaybar.

With the BrOverlander leaf pack and these shocks I have about an inch more drop in the rear than I did with the 5100s, enough to make my brake lines very very tight, so either be prepared to unclip them, use extensions or longer lines.
Zane | 7/29/2022 9:39 PM
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