PROnetic DP71610RT Durango Pro 7/16" x 10" Soft Shackle

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Manufacturer: PROnetic

Durango Pro Synthetic Shackles

The strongest, most rugged synthetic shackles on the market!

These synthetic shackles are incredibly strong, durable, and built to withstand years of use; all while maintaining a lightweight No-Metal physique. Replace your steel shackles today with Durango Pro synthetic shackles!

PROnetic understands that having the proper vehicle recovery equipment is essential to safely and properly retrieving a stuck vehicle. Whether you like to spend the weekend on the trails or work in a commercial outdoor setting, PROnetic manufactures the BEST Rope products available on the market. These products consistently out perform other tow and snatch straps available.

Durango Pro synthetic shackles are built to last, in the USA, using premium Plasma® 12-Strand. This is the same rope used in their winch lines!

Plasma ® Rope is the world’s strongest rope for its weight, which equates the line to being 85% lighter & 20-40% stronger than an equivalent steel cable. In the event of a failure, you will not have a heavy metal object flying towards you!

These shackles feature an inspection tag for professional use and are manufactured & load tested in a state of the art ISO 9001:2008 certified facility in conformance with API Q1 Specification Standards.


  • 7/16" Diameter x 10" Length
  • 47,000lb MTS
  • 9,400lb WLL