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Alldogs Offroad Coil Springs are Here!

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Guys! Following up with our US manufactured leaf springs, we're introducing US manufactured lift coil springs!  These springs are the best you can buy, made in the USA with American steel.  We're super excited for them!  Check out our cross reference to popular OME and Dobinsons partnumbers to identify the correct ADO spring for your application.  

We did extensive research and scouted producers across the country to find the best coil spring manufaturer out there.  The manufacturer we've partnered with is a significant producer of coil springs for the military.  Their coil springs are also found in nuclear reactors across the country.  We're confident there isn't a better manufacturer out there.  These are the springs your rig deserves to have.  

We use hot 5160H alloy American steel rolled over a precision mandrel to produce coils with exacting tolerances.  These coils are oil quenched, run through a temper furnace, shot peened, inspected, powder coated, and printed with the Alldogs logo and partnumber.  Each batch is tested to maintain uniform spring rates.


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