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Replacement Lower Shock Bolts + Weld Washers for 2nd Gen Nissan Frontier and Xterra

Manufacturer: Alldogs Offroad Coop

These are zinc coated grade 8 flanged replacement bolts for your lower shock mounts.  The most common use for these is to elimate the "Radflo clunk" which is caused by the OEM tapered factory lower shock bolt creating an ovaled opening at the LCA mounting point. 

Weld washers are used to correct this ovaling or loose tolerances on your lower control arms.

Common for use in Nissan Frontier / Xterra extended travel and titanswap applictions.  


  • 2x - Grade 8 Shock Bolts 
  • 4x - Weld Washers


Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Fitment Nissan 2nd Gen Xterra (2005-2015), Nissan D40 2nd Gen Frontier (2005-2021)