ADO CO-14-3 Universal 14" x 3" ID Coilover Coil Springs, Pair

Manufacturer: Alldogs Offroad Coop
SKU: ADO CO-14-3

Looking for some free-range, gluten-free, non-GMO, low sodium, American-made coilover coils?  We've got you covered!  These universal coil springs are 14" long and have a 3" ID, which is a common size for Radflo, King, Fox, ADS, and Icon coilovers.  They can also be used on select Bilstein 6112 applications.  They're a rad dark red and will spice up your front suspension.  

These are cold-wound high tensile alloy steel springs CNC manufactured to exacting tolerances.  These coils are then run through a temper furnace, shot-peened, inspected, powder-coated, and printed with the Alldogs logo and part number.  Each batch is tested to maintain uniform spring rates.  

Select your rate with the dropdown menu.  We currently offer 550lb/in, 600lb/in, and 650lb/in. 

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