Dobinsons AC80-3841 Portable Air Compressor

Note: this item is backordered until June.
SKU: DOB-AC80-3841

The Dobinsons 4×4 12V Portable Hyper-Flow Air Compressor Kit is the perfect option for your off road needs. Everyone knows that when venturing off road it’s necessary to air down your tires to make the ride more comfortable, offer more grip on the terrain (widening the overall contact path of your tires on the ground), and also to protect from punctures. When the trail is done, it’s time to air up again, and with the Dobinsons 4×4 Portable Air Compressor, you will be done in no time.

With an air flow rate of 44 gallons per minute (170L/min), a single 60mm (2.3″) piston, 7.8ft power cable, 24ft air hose with screw-on air chuck and built-in pressure gauge, and rubber anti-vibration feet, this compressor will suit all of your airing up needs.

Everything is contained in a neat and compact carry bag, making it easy to store or carry in your vehicle. Compressors that use a cigarette lighter plug will rarely get you the performance that you need, as most factory 12V cigarette outlets can’t handle the power draw required for an air compressor to give you true performance, our 4×4 Portable Air Compressor uses alligator clamps to connect directly to your 12V battery (leave vehicle running for maximum performance). This makes it easy to use on any vehicle, trailer, RV, motorcycle, or anywhere a 12V automotive battery can be reached.